We are happy to provide you with technical support. Should you have any questions, please ask the technician before proceeding.

Please note that by clicking on the Connect to Support button at the end of this page, you are certifying that you are or have been authorized by your office or business to do so.

Please be aware that unless otherwise noted or if this is
a) a pre-paid training support;
b) an under-warranty service call; or
c) you have a current IT Support and Services Agreement with us:

Standard Technical Support Charges will be applied, billed at 15-minute increments, and/or, You might be required to fax us a signed Online Service Request Sales Order form.


By entering a PIN code provided by the technician and clicking on the Connect to Access Support button, he or she will be able to see your computer desktop and any information being displayed.

* Please close any programs or documents that you do not want to be seen.

* Also note that you can terminate the support session at anytime by closing the Remote Support software window displayed on your screen.

Thank you for using Access IT Solutions online support services!

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